Shaw Direct is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of all our customers, including providing accessibility for customers with disabilities. The following describes the particular products and services offered to Shaw Direct customers with accessibility challenges.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning (CC) provides a visual text display of what is being audibly said or broadcast as supporting sound during a television program, movie or special event.

Shaw Direct passes unedited 100% of all Closed Captioning, included by the broadcasters in the programming. It is the responsibility of the broadcaster to include Closed Captioning in their shows.

Very few programs originating from Canadian broadcasters or specialty networks do not have Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning may be used by customers in several different ways:

By deaf or hard of hearing individuals to enjoy TV programming;

As a tool by people learning English as a second language;

May be used in an environment where audio is difficult or intentionally muted.

Accessing Closed Captioning on Your TV

Most TVs sold in the last 10 years have Closed Captioning available through Menu options described in the owner's manual.

AMI Audio

AMI Audio is an audio service for all Canadians, but of particular interest to vision-restricted, learning disabled, the mobility-impaired and those in need of enhanced literacy skills learning English as a second language.

AMI Audio - (East: 825 / West: 825)
Shaw Direct is proud to offer this audio service for the visually impaired. Content includes national, regional and local programming.

Descriptive Video Service

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is an aid for persons who are visually impaired. Descriptive Video Services (DVS) provides ongoing narrative descriptions of what is happening during the video portion of a television broadcast. You can think of DVS like a narrator during a documentary. For example: when members of a crew on a home improvement show build a house, DVS will provide an ongoing narrative of the building process. Any original narration from actors during the program will remain uninterrupted. This service can greatly improve the television experience for customers with limited vision or who enjoy added narration during a television program.

You can check to see if a program has Descriptive Video by looking at the Interactive programming guide.

Descriptive Video Service

Not all programs are available with Descriptive Video and this service is provided at the sole discretion of the television programmers and networks.

Accessing Descriptive Video Services on Your Shaw Direct Receiver

To enable Descriptive Video on your Shaw Direct receiver press Options, then 6 – System Setup, 4 – System Settings, then 1 – User Settings (Options 6-4-1). Highlight ON in the Descriptive Video section and hit ENTER.

Accessing Descriptive Video Services on Your Shaw Direct Receiver

Please note: If this option is set to ON, you may experience a loss of audio on programming not featuring Descriptive Video. For the best audio experience, only enable this Option when you are viewing a program which includes this service.


Many of our customers, with or without special needs requirements, now communicate with us through Web site forms at Customers can manage their account online through my account.

TV Listings

Using a standard screen reader for audio access, Shaw’s blind and visually-restricted customers can access our programming guide by visiting or by clicking on this link.

Improving Web Accessibility

Customers can learn more about improving their Web accessibility by visiting Shaw Direct's Improving Accessibility page which features helpful hints to modify your Web browser and display to improve Web site visibility.