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Navigating the Essential HD Receiver menus and interactive On-Screen Guide

The Essential HD Receiver menus serve up all the functionality that comes with your Essential HD Receiver. With your remote you can navigate to the menu, as well as the interactive On-Screen Guide, which tells you what's on TV. Press the MENU button to launch the menu bar, or Press GUIDE to go directly to the interactive On-Screen Guide which provides up to 14 days of TV listings for all channels.

Using Parental Controls to control access to adult programming

Parental Control Access

Parents can easily set up Parental Controls to prevent access to programming that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. You can block adult content from anyone in your home by locking programs according to the rating. A four-digit password is required to unlock any content that exceeds the specified locks. Parental controls must be enabled to access adult content.

How to access the Parental Controls menus

While watching TV, press OPTIONS, then select “2. Parental Controls.” Some versions of the remote control have a button marked LOCKS, which will take you directly to this menu.

Once you bring up the Parental Controls screen, you'll be asked for your four-digit password. Any changes you make to your settings will be saved when you press EXIT or GO BACK.

How to access adult programming on Shaw Direct On Demand:

Once parental controls are enabled, press D, scroll to “VOD settings” and enter your PIN. Change “Adult VOD” to “Enabled” and then press EXIT. Press D again and you will now see an “Adult” section in the menu bar.

Understanding Parental Control options

You'll be able to change a number of settings. TV and movies have different ratings systems so there are two steps required to ensure content locks are activated properly.

Enable Locks: This turns locks on or off. If you disable the locks, all content will be unlocked and the password will never be required. All Parental Controls settings (with the exception of the password) are retained when locks are disabled.

TV Rating: This sets ratings locks for standard TV programs. Choose the lowest rating you want to block and all content with a more restrictive rating will also be blocked. You also have a choice of No Locks. Your choices are:

  • C8+ (Children eight years and older)
  • G (General programming, suitable for all audiences )
  • PG (Parental guidance )
  • 14+ (Viewers 14 year and older )
  • 18+ (Adult programming)

Learn more about Television ratings and media awareness.

Enable Movie Locks

Movie Ratings: This sets ratings locks for all movies and films presented on TV channels. They are based on Canadian provincial Film Ratings Boards standards. Choose the lowest rating that you want blocked and all more restrictive content will also be blocked. Ratings include:

  • PG (Parental Guidance Advised)
  • 14A (14 Adult Accompaniment)
  • 18A (18 Adult Accompaniment)
  • Restricted (R)
  • Adults Only (A)

Locked Channels: Choose Hide and any channels that you have locked will not appear in the Guide.

Locked Programs

Locked Programs: Choose Hide, and any program you have locked with TV or Movie ratings locks will appear as "Parentally Locked" in the Guide and search results.

Channel Locks: A channel that has been locked will always require the password to view, regardless of what is currently airing. Scroll down the channel list using the arrow cursor keys. When a channel that you want to lock is highlighted, press ENTER, and it will appear on the right side of the screen under locked channels. When you press GO BACK, your selections will save.

Change Password

Change Password: For the best security, it's recommended that you change your password regularly and don't use easy-to-guess passwords. Highlight Edit next to Change Password and follow the directions to enter a new four-digit code.

Unrated Programs

Unrated Programs: Some programs, like news, sports and weather, do not include standardized parental ratings. If you leave this option Unlocked then all programs without ratings can be seen. Choose Locked to prevent access to these programs without the password.

A final note on Parental Controls

Parental Controls really do give you peace of mind. For maximum protection, you may have to enter your parental password twice while watching TV: Once to unlock the entire Guide or Search Results, and once to unlock the program itself.

Additionally, every time a new show starts which exceeds your parental locks, you will need to enter the password.

If Guide data is not available, such as immediately after a power outage or restarting your receiver, you will be prompted for the parental password on every channel you select. Once Guide data reloads, parental locks will operate based on your settings.

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