Advanced HDPVR Satellite System

Advanced High Definition Personal Video Recorder

The Advanced HDPVR (630) is the latest in TV technology. It delivers High Definition TV, as well as the convenience of digital recording. The internal hard drive is capable of recording more than 45 hours of High-Definition programming or 175 hours of standard definition programming. With dual tuners, you can record two programs and watch a third from the DVR list. Or watch one live program and record another. Finally you can pause live TV, or skip back to whatever you missed.

We've provided detailed information to help you make the most of the features available with your Advanced HDPVR.

HDPVR 630 Demo

Check out the new Advanced HDPVR demo

Our interactive demo unveils Canada's most advanced HDPVR with dual recording, tons of recording options, more space for more HD recordings, and 14-day look ahead. Plus, lots more cool features!

Check out the new advanced HDPVR demo.

Connections: Getting set up properly

Your Advanced HDPVR requires two dedicated lines from your satellite dish. It has the ability to plug in a phone line to order Pay Per View movies and events. For the best picture quality, use an HDMI cable to connect to your HD television. The Advanced HDPVR also has component video and other outputs which provide a number of options for connecting to your television.

Programming and using your remote control

Your Remote gives you access the amazing technology in your PVR and the accompanying software. It's designed to work with your PVR. You can program it to control the volume and power on your TV or sounds system, so you aren't overloaded with remotes. Use it to pause and rewind live TV.

Watching TV in HD: Adjusting screen ratios

The screen settings on your Advanced HDPVR can be adjusted to display TV images the way you want to on your TV. This is important when you're watching standard definition programming on your HDTV.

Navigating the Advanced HDPVR Menus and interactive On-Screen Guide

The interactive On-Screen Guide tells you what's on. It helps you find movies, programs and even tells you what channels you subscribe to and what channels are being offered free at any given time. Other menus give you access to search tools, music channels and parental controls to help protect your children from inappropriate content.

Recording programs

Choose what you want to record by program name. Record all shows, or skip the re-runs and record only new episodes of your favourite series. Manage your stored recordings to automatically delete older recordings to ensure you have disk space to record what you want.


While problems are rare, we want to give you the tools to resolve any technical issues quickly and easily. We're always here to help, but if you want to do it yourself, here's a helpful guide.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 10 frequently asked questions such as, "What does the 'menu' button do?" and "How do I know when dual recordings are about to begin?".

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