When you buy a Shaw Direct system, we do a basic installation. This includes running the cable line from the dish to your receiver and connecting the receiver to the TV.

You're already on your way to a great television experience, but if you have an HDTV, you'll want to make sure you have the clearest picture possible. You may even want to hook up a VCR to the receiver or you may want to build a home theatre system with a stereo or DVD player connected to your television.

Your receiver will dish up clear pictures and vibrant sound. You’ll want to connect it all in a way that makes the most of your equipment.

Doing it yourself

Doing it yourself

While your installer will assist you with the basics of setting of your Shaw Direct system, if you want to set up the perfect home theatre system or advanced connections you may want to do it yourself.

There also may come a time when you have to reconnect your system. Let’s say you buy a new, big screen TV. Maybe you finally develop the new TV room in your basement.

Understanding how things are connected may also help you troubleshoot picture or sound problems.

What’s your plan?

Think of your receiver as the brains of the system. Its primary function is to send information out to the parts, the TV, VCR and stereo unit.

The cables are the nerves or pathways the information travels along.

Do you want a direct path? Or do you want to make a stop along the way? It often helps to draw a picture, a road map of sorts, showing what components connect to each other. Read on to see our suggested paths.

Consult your equipment owner’s manual or talk to your manufacturer’s help line for information on the best way to connect your stereo, VCR and other components to a satellite receiver.

Connecting cables