DSR 317 Satellite System

Motorola DSR 317 satellite system (Out of Stock)

Small box, big impression. Don't let looks deceive you. The DSR 317 compact size boasts digital S-Video signal and Dolby Digital 5.1. It includes both optical digital outputs and RCA outputs to connect to your home stereo system for sound quality to match the crisp picture you get from our satellites.

Satellite Picture Clarity with Home Theatre Sound

Picture-over-Guide image The DSR 317 is a compact size satellite receiver developed by Motorola, the world leader in communications technology. It's less than half the size of our old Navigo 405 and you will find it fits easily into your home entertainment unit, bookshelf, or on top of your television.

Features include:

  • Home Theatre Sound – Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 with optical and coaxial SPIDIF and RCA baseband stereo connections.
  • Standard Definition TV Connections – Supports S-Video, RCA composite video and RF coaxial cable to get the best connection to your television.
  • Universal 5-in-1 Remote Control – Works with your Shaw Direct receiver, TV, VCR, and DVD plus an additional item of your choice.
  • Simple Navigation – The DSR 317 makes it easier to search channels, times, and programs.
  • Program-in-Guide – Watch a show while seeing what else is on, even in the options menus. The DSR 317 on-screen guide is faster than ever and includes easy-to-navigate colour coding for different genres and even large channel icons.
  • Future Ready Features – The DSR 317 is future ready for enhanced look ahead (one week or more); more detailed program listing information; searching by program; interactive services; and video mosaic channels.
  • Interests – The DSR 317 offers viewers the ability to surf through channels or program listings by type.
  • Enhanced Parental Controls – Locks rated programming with a password, preventing the screening of inappropriate content to minors.
  • Instant Pay Per View – The DSR 317 has a built-in modem so you can order Pay Per View movies and events directly from your remote control.
  • Caller ID – When hooked to your phone line and with caller ID from your phone provider you can decide if you really want to leave your favorite show.

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PDF DSR 317 spec sheet
PDF DSR 317 User Manual