HDPVR 530 Satellite System

Motorola HDPVR 530 Satellite System (Out of Stock)

The HDPVR 530 is everything you ever wanted, all in one place. The future of television looks spectacular with the Shaw Direct HDPVR 530 system, combining the brilliance of High Definition Television's amazing picture quality with the convenience of digital recording, all in one stunning receiver with dual tuners. Now you can watch one show and record another in both standard and high-definition formats. You'll never miss anything again with a Shaw Direct HDPVR 530, thanks to its massive 160-GB hard drive for recording your favourite programs and the convenience of pausing and rewinding live TV.

HD recording is bound to be a hit

Motorola's world-leading technology expertise shines in the Shaw Direct HDPVR 530. Anyone, who was excited when Motorola delivered high-definition television with the Shaw Direct HDDSR 505, will be ecstatic with the HDPVR 530 as Motorola kicks it up a notch by adding even more fantastic features. As Shaw Direct subscribers continue to soak up the stunning benefits of HD programming, the HDPVR 530 keeps it all in place with a 160-gigabyte hard drive, capable of recording more than 25 hours of high-definition programming or 120 hours of standard definition programming. And thanks to dual tuners, you can record one program while watching another, or pause live TV, or skip back to whatever you missed.

Features include:

  • 160-GB HARD DRIVE — Record up to 120 hours of standard definition, more than 25 hours of high-definition programming, or a combination of the two. (Hours may vary depending on content.)
  • TIME TRAVEL™ — Skip forward instantly to avoid certain parts of a recorded program, or skip back replay a your favourite part of your recorded program.
  • PAUSE AND REWIND LIVE TV — Pause the action while you head to the fridge for a drink or rewind the live show to catch that game winning goal or fantastic action sequence. With Live On Disk (LOD) recording, your DVR is more than just a modern VCR, it's TV when you want it… how you want it.
  • TWO SATELLITE TUNERS — For recording one live show while watching another live show or recording one live show while watching another recorded program.
  • DVI OUTPUT — Stunning 100% digital picture.

Please note that the HDPVR 530 requires two dedicated lines from your satellite dish. Additional installation charges may apply.

Quality? Content? We've got it all with up to 115 high definition channels at no extra cost* and up to 2,500 hours of HD programming each week.

Learn more about our HD programming

1Must be subscribed to a package that includes English Essentials to receive ALL High Definition channels offered at no extra cost. Subscription to equivalent standard-definition channel required. Must have an HDTV, an HD receiver and an elliptical satellite dish to receive and view High Definition channels.
3NHL® Centre Ice™ games in HD are only available during hockey season.
4These HD channels are part of the HD Extra package and are not included in Essentials, Pick 'N' Pay or as a Specialty Choice bundle.

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