IRC 600/ URC 600 remote control

IRC 600/URC 600 remote control

Need a replacement remote control? The IRC 600 and URC 600 can control your satellite receiver, television, and a third device. The IRC 600 works with all Shaw Direct satellite receivers via standard IR communication. The URC 600 controls compatible Shaw Direct satellite receivers via UHF communication, allowing you to control your receiver from up to 150 feet away.

Current customers:
Order an IRC 600 (IR) replacement remote control in Accessories for only $24.99.
Order a URC 600 (IR/UHF) replacement remote control in Accessories for only $39.99.

Control up to three electronic devices

You can operate the following devices with the IRC 600/ URC 600 remote control:

  • Any Shaw Direct satellite receiver
  • Television
  • A third auxiliary device such as a home theatre audio system, VCR, or DVD, Blu-ray, or digital media player

The URC 600 can control UHF-equipped Shaw Direct satellite receivers up to 150 feet away via UHF communication. UHF antenna is not included.

Some of the key features of this remote control include:

  • Simplified layout for easy access to all functions, including full PVR navigation
  • Aspect button controls picture size on HD receivers
  • Programmable Master Power key for master on/off control of your home entertainment equipment with a single keystroke
  • Customizable Volume Lock for one mode or individual modes
  • Extensive code library and code search for maximum device compatibility
  • Operates with 2 AA batteries (included)

NOTE: All new Shaw Direct receivers include a remote control. The IRC 600/ URC600 remote control is intended as a replacement or extra remote control.

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PDF IRC 600/ URC 600 Manual
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