VOD Nano Powerline Bridge

VOD Nano Powerline Bridge

Order a VOD Nano Powerline Bridge to connect your Shaw Direct receiver to your home Internet router and enjoy Shaw Direct On Demand in any room with an electrical outlet!

Order a VOD Nano Powerline Bridge Set for only $49.99 by contacting
Shaw Direct at 1.888.554.7827.

Extend your High Speed Internet and stream Shaw Direct On Demand throughout your home. Simply attach one adapter to your home router and plug it into an electrical outlet. Then, plug the other adapter into an electrical outlet near your Shaw Direct receiver and connect the receiver to the adapter to establish the connection.

The VOD Nano Powerline Bridge Set contains two Powerline Bridges which will connect one receiver for Shaw Direct On Demand. Each subsequent set of bridges purchased will connect two additional receivers, as the router connection has already been established.


  • Quick and simple – just plug it in!
  • Up to 200 Mbps bandwidth over standard home power lines.
  • Signal easily passes through circuit breaker panels.
  • Eliminate the need to run cables throughout your home.
  • Stream up to three High-Definition (HD) programs with perfect clarity.

PDF User Manual
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The number of streaming programs varies depends on the Internet speed and router capacity.