TWO-IN-ONE universal remote control

Two-in-One universal remote control

Need a replacement remote control? The Two-in-One universal remote offers easy, no-fuss access to all the most commonly used control commands.

New customers,
order a Two-in-One universal remote control for only $24.99 by contacting Shaw Direct at

Current customers,
order a Two-in-One universal remote control in Accessories for only $24.99.

Simplify your home entertainment experience

Operate two devices with the Two-in-One remote which features keys intuitively positioned for easy navigation and generously spaced to avoid accidental key presses.

Some of the key features of this remote control include the following:

  • Easy access to advanced features like DVR/PVR, channel lock, volume lock and Tune-in/Direct Access
  • Easy setup and permanent code retention
  • Modeless-No Power Key
  • Illuminated keypad with device mode lights for easy navigation

NOTE: All new Shaw Direct receivers include a remote control. The Two-in-One universal remote control is intended as a replacement or extra remote control.

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PDF Two-in-One Remote Manual
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