Satellite Antenna Tripod

Satellite Antenna Tripod

Take your satellite dish with you on the road or set it up fast and easy at your apartment or condo with the Satellite Antenna Tripod mount.

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order a Satellite Antenna Tripod for only $64.99 by contacting Shaw Direct at

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order a Satellite Antenna Tripod for only $64.99 Accessories

Enjoy satellite TV virtually anywhere

Completely portable, the Satellite Antenna Tripod mount can be moved easily from location to location and folds up for convenient storage. So whether you're boondocking or at your favorite camp site, you can enjoy satellite TV in minutes.

It's a great solution for those living in condos or apartments where dishes cannot be mounted on exterior walls, balcony railings or rooftops. Only 90 cm (3 feet) in height, the tripod can fit onto even the smallest terrace.

The Satellite Antenna Tripod works with a 60 cm satellite dish.

Check out our SF 100 Sat Finder which lets you easily tune your satellite dish for the best reception.

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