Satellite Locator

Once professionally installed, a Shaw Direct dish is tuned to receive the strongest satellite signals. It rarely needs adjustment. But if you are camping with your Shaw Direct dish or on the move, you can adjust your dish to receive the strongest signals. We provide this online tool to find the right coordinates to get the job done. Or, you can purchase a Satellite Finder. This small electronic device uses audio to indicate the signal intensity. Find details in our online store.

Before you begin, think about safety. If you are using a ladder or similar tool to reach your dish, be sure to follow the proper safety conditions of your device to avoid injury. We recommend that you avoid making adjustments to your dish during severe weather. Many times any signal problems will fix themselves once the inclement weather has moved on or subsided.

Tools you will need to adjust your dish:

  • #1 Philips Screwdriver
  • 7/16 Hex Wrench, open or combination end
  • Electric Drill and Bits
  • Carpenter's Level
  • Compass

Using the pull down menus below, select the province and closest city in which your satellite dish is located:

Be sure to hook up your Shaw Direct receiver and TV prior to installing or adjusting the dish; it will make tuning your dish much easier. Once you've run lines from your Shaw Direct receiver to the dish, you can use the signal strength readings on your receiver to help fine tune your signal. To access the signal strength readings, press Options on your remote control, then 6 - System Setup, 4 - System Setting, then 7 - System Status (Options 6-4-7). View line C to check your signal. The Ecb/no reading should be above 8.0 to receive the best uninterrupted picture.

Satellite Look angles are listed for both the 107.3W deg & 111.1W deg satellites. Use the settings for Satellite B for dual satellite dish aiming. The reception of satellite signals in areas with a dish elevation less than 12 degrees may not be possible. Consult with your Shaw Direct retailer in your area. All information is listed in degrees.

For detailed instructions for installing your dish check out the
PDF Shaw Direct Installation Manual.

To purchase a Self Install Kit, Satellite Finder, tripod or other accessories, visit our accessories page.