Using the RT-U50 DSR Remote

Your remote operates your Shaw Direct receiver plus your TV, VCR, AUDIO and DVD player.

The function of many buttons changes depending on what mode it is in. It's important to remember this as you operate the remote. If it's not doing what you're expecting it to, check the mode.

What the buttons do

RT-U50 DSR remote

Your remote is designed to be easy to operate. Its menus and navigation are logical. The key to smooth remote operation is to understand what the buttons do.

So, we'll tell you, from top to bottom, left to right.

Power: This is the red button with the circle and line. It turns the component on or off. Not working? Check the mode. It must be in TV mode for it to work the TV.

AUDIO: Sets the remote to control the AUDIO.

DVD: Sets the remote to control the DVD player.

VCR: Sets the remote to control the VCR.

TV: Sets the remote to control the TV.

SAT: Sets the remote to control the Shaw Direct receiver.

Vol Up and Down: This adjusts the volume on your TV. Remember, if you want to control the TV volume, you'll have to program the remote to do this. Regardless of the mode you are in, these keys will always default to the TV.

Mute: Turns the sound off on the TV. Once again, it must be programmed to do this with your TV or stereo.

Last CH: This returns you to the last channel you were watching With hundreds of channels available, this may become your favourite button.

Channel Up and Down: Depending on the mode you're in, this will change the channel on the receiver, TV or VCR. You can also use this button to scroll through entire screens in the Interactive Program Guide.

Help: We've built some useful information into the help screens. You can go here to see a directory of icons and what they mean. As well, you'll find some basic information about your system. Press it again, or press Exit, to turn off the help screens and return to your program or menu.

Guide: Launches the Interactive Program Guide. It shows you the program on all of the Shaw Direct Channels. Press it again to launch the Mini-guide or press the Exit key to return to your show.

Info: Displays detailed program information about the current program or a highlighted program in the Guide.

Exit: This gets you out of where ever you are. If you're watching a show and you turn on the guide, press exit to return to the show. If you're in the guide, click on a show to see it. Then, press exit to return to the guide.

Arrow keys: These keys have a function similar to computer cursors and are used to display highlighted selections from menu screens. They are also used to browse through the Interactive Program Guide.

Enter: Press ENTER to select a highlighted menu option, or press ENTER to tune in the channel number you have selected.

Interests: Displays the Interests menu of the Interactive Program Guide. This means you can see all of one type of program, sports, or movies, for example. Highlight what you'd like to see and press enter. Press Interests again, or Exit, to return to your show.

Options: This gets you to the very important Options menu. Here you find controls for many of the technical and diagnostic features of the receiver. You'll find menu items that allow you to change or determine Installation Settings, Signal Strength, Timers and Parental Locks.

Browse: used to view Interactive Program Guide information in an easy-to-read format that takes up only a quarter of the screen. Therefore, you can continue to watch a program while checking for other possible choices, broadcasted now or later.

Go Back: This returns you to the previous menu.

PPV: This allows you to access the Pay Per View screens. Press this button to bring up a list of what is or will be playing on each Pay Per View channel. To purchase a movie or event, use the arrow keys to highlight a program in yellow. Hit Enter, and your system, which is hooked to a phone line, will call Shaw Direct to make the purchase. This can happen only after your account has been activated for Instant Pay Per View.

Favourites: This allows each member of the family to create their own list of favourite programs that they can customize for their own viewing.

Locks: Displays the parental controls menu. In the past parents could lock out specific channels. Now parents can also lock out programs according to ratings given to movies and TV shows. Parents can unlock the controls for their own viewing. To reinstate these locks, just turn the receiver off.

Number Keys: Use these buttons to enter passwords, channel numbers and select items from various menus. For example, instead of scrolling down to the No. 4 option with the arrow keys, you can jump there by pressing 4.

Source: Input source to SAT receiver or TV.

Enter: If you enter a channel number that is less that 3 digits long, press this to get to that channel.

VCR Keys: Use these keys to operate the VCR. Also controls playback and recording using DVR (on select models). It can also control the DVD player while in the Auxiliary mode. When using the Interactive Program Guide, the fast forward key (on the right hand side) will quickly move you forward in time by up to six hours.