Can't record with an external device - Understanding copyright protections


You can't record a TV program on a recording device like DVD Recorder, VCR or Computer Media Centre

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • Most programming on Shaw Direct is coded with one of two different types of copyright protection. High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) protects digital HDTV signals transmitted by HDMI to DVI cables. Copy Generation Management System – Analog (CGMS-A) protects analog TV signals transmitted by component, RCA or coaxial cables. The coding prevents the recording of the broadcast by third-party video recorders such as DVD recorders, VCRs, and computer media centres.
  • The code embeds a kind of flag in the broadcast stream to prevent the unlawful copying or re-distribution of copyright-protected material like TV shows and movies. Shaw Direct must comply with these copyright protection standards.
  • The flags vary depending on content. There are programs that aren't protected at all. Some programs allow you to record a program to a VCR or DVD recorder once. Other programs are coded to restrict you from recording the program at all. If you try to record a program that has been flagged, you may see a black screen instead of video.
  • The flags are determined by the production studios and is not controlled by Shaw Direct.