Can't order Pay Per View


When attempting to order Pay Per View using your remote control (Instant Pay Per View), your purchase never appears on the screen or you receive an error message.

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • Please ensure you have an active phone line connected to the Shaw Direct receiver you are using to watch Pay Per View. A phone line connection is required for full functionality of your Shaw Direct receiver. If the receiver you are using does not allow a phone to be connected (DSR 209, DSR 207 or DSR 205), you cannot use Instant Pay Per View. To order Pay per View movies or events, please call 1.866.782.7778.
  • Your receiver may need to do a report back prior to making a new Pay Per View order. Check to be sure that a phone line is connected to your receiver, then follow the on-screen prompt to initiate a report back (if you see the prompt already on screen.) To run your own report back, press the OPTIONS button, then 6 - System Setup, 4 - System Settings, 3 - Installation settings, 3 - reportback, and then choose START to begin a reportback. Make sure that your phone line is active and free of messages prior to doing the reportback.
  • If you have a DSL line (high speed internet), ensure that you have added a line filter to the line going into your Shaw Direct receiver prior to doing a reportback. (Add the line filter to the end of telephone line being plugged into the wall outlet.)
  • If you have never activated Instant Pay Per View on your receiver, please connect an active phone line to your receiver and call 1.866.782.7778 to get activated.
  • For more information about Instant Pay Per View or the initial set up of Instant Pay Per View, visit our Instant Pay Per View section on Tech Central

More help

Still having trouble ordering Pay Per View? Please give us a call at 1.888.554.7827 and one of our skilled Technical Service Representatives will be happy to assist you in doing additional troubleshooting.