No Video

A Blue or Green Screen


You have no video and your television screen is green or blue.

Possible Causes

  • Your television output mode is incorrect or the TV is set to the incorrect channel.
  • Your Shaw Direct Receiver is turned off.
  • The cable between your television and your receiver is disconnected.
  • Your VCR is on or set to the incorrect display setting.


  • Check your Shaw Direct receiver and ensure that the unit is turned on. You will see a green light on the front of the receiver when it is powered up.
  • Using your television remote control or television front panel, tune to the channel you use to watch your Shaw Direct receiver, usually 3 or 4. If your Shaw Direct receiver is connected by cables other than a coaxial cable, you may need to use the source/video/input/mode/line button on your television remote/front panel. If your Shaw Direct receiver is turned on, you can press this button until you see video on the screen.
  • Turn off any VCR, DVD player or other device connected to your television.
  • Check behind your Shaw Direct receiver to see if there are any loose cables or connections.

More help

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