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A Black screen with "HDCP" displayed on the front panel


While using a HDPVR 530 or HDDSR 505 connected to an HDTV with the HDMI to DVI cable or DVI to DVI cable, your television displays a black screen and the front panel of your receiver displays "HDCP".

Possible Causes

  • Your television set is not currently compatible with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) or the DVI to HDMI feature on the Shaw Direct receiver.
  • Your television is not properly configured to receive a DVI or HDMI input.


  • Ensure that your cables are properly connected and that "HDMI" is the selected input source on your High Definition television. You can commonly select this option using the options button on the remote included with your HDTV. If you are using a DVI to DVI connection cable, ensure that the on-screen input is set to "DVI".
  • Try using component video cables to connect your HDTV to your receiver. HD broadcasts retain the same superior quality picture using component video. Pick up your own set of Shaw Direct approved component cables at
  • A future Shaw Direct software update is currently under development to include even further compatibility with more brands of High Definition television sets. Once released, this new software update will be announced via or receiver-based on-screen messaging.
  • Some televisions manufactured prior to the HDCP digital standard will no longer be compatible with this connection type. HDCP compatibility is included in all newly manufactured televisions. Please refer to your television user manual or the television manufacturer website to see if your television is HDCP compliant. If your television is not listed as HDCP compatible, you can still view all the best in HD programming using a component video cable.
  • If your Shaw Direct receiver is connected to your HDTV through a Home theatre system or digital repeater using an HDMI to DVI or DVI to DVI cable, you may also receive this HDCP error message. To correct this problem you can connect your Shaw Direct system directly to your television or use component video cables to connect to your Home Theatre or digital repeater system.

More help

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