Pay Per View

Watch blockbuster Hollywood movies, live big-ticket sports events, exciting concerts and specials, and hot adult entertainment – all from the comfort of your couch. With Pay Per View you avoid the rental racket of late fees and ever changing return times.

You can choose to order Pay Per View movies through your remote with Instant Pay Per View, or just call in and order through your phone.

Or perhaps you just want to see the latest listings? Select Movies, Events, or Adult to browse what's new this month.

Order with your remote

To order through your remote, you need to activate your Instant Pay Per View account. It's easy. Once you're set up, you can order movies with the click of a button. (IPPV is not available on the DSR 205, DSR 207 or DSR 209 receiver.)

Activate Instant Pay Per View:
  1. Connect – Ensure that your Shaw Direct receiver is connected to a telephone jack. Your receiver comes with an adapter so you can still use a phone with the jack.

  2. Call – Call Shaw Direct at 1.866.782.7778. Choose "set up Instant Pay Per View" from the recorded menu, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will set up your receiver. Just remember to keep your phone line plugged in.

  3. Confirm – Your account will be updated in under five minutes. To check your activation on the DSR 319, HDDSR 505 HDPVR 530, Advanced HD Receiver (605), or Advanced HDPVR (630) press OPTIONS, then 6-4-3-3. You'll see a phone number in the "Phone" section, On the legacy units, look at the List Purchases (5) screen, found on Options menu. Your account status should be listed as Active. If not, the problem could be the phone line. Call us back to check on the problem.

Once your account is activated, watching a movie is easy. And when you order movies with your remote through Instant Pay Per View, there are no administration fees!

Order with Instant Pay Per View:
  1. Browse – Check out what's on Pay Per View with your onscreen guide. Pay Per View listings are grey (purple on the legacy units). If you have a 'PPV' button on your remote, you can press this to go directly to the Pay Per View listings.

  2. Select – Use the arrow buttons to highlight the movie or event you want to order.

  3. Order – Press 'ENTER' on your remote to order the movie, and 'ENTER' once more to confirm your order. Then relax, pop some corn, and await the start of your movie. It's that simple – and remember, there are no administration fees.

Order with your phone

Order through your phone with the Shaw Direct Pay Per View Hotline.

Call 1.866.782.7778 and the recorded menu will guide you through the ordering process.

Get the most out of Pay Per View

Get a taste of the great movies and events we have available, as well as tantalizing peeks at what's coming soon. Visit channels 200 and 779 to see PPV highlights... and plan your weekend's entertainment!

Already a Pay Per View expert? Here are some advanced tips. You can use timers to order Pay Per View movies or events in advance, and use Parental controls to limit who can use Pay Per View. Learn more by following the links below.

Learn how to set Parental Controls
Learn about timers